Spring wishlist

I made a little wishlist of my current obsession for this '13 spring.

1. Yellow
Yellow is probably my current favorite color, I need everything that pops and is eyecatching. Unfortunately, I don't have that much yellow in my wardrobe and it's a bit too early to find what I want in stores. (Yellow dotted skater dress, Emily and Fin on Asos)

2. Parasols
I already own a few lolita parasol but I want a white BTSSB one with many frills so I can carry it all summer long. (Rich Frill Parasol, Baby The Stars Shine Bright)

3. Eiffel tower tote bag
I love Paris, you all know this but I didn't had the occasion to find the perfect tote. When I saw Ana's haul from NY, I was like: "I need that one". Unfortunately, it isn't available on F21's french online store so I hope I'll still be able to get it. (Eiffel Tower tote bag, Forever21)

4. Straws hats
I own a straw boater hat but I feel like I need more so I can add bows and lace for lolita style. This bonnet was released for last year spring and I wasn't able to get it even if it costed +260€, it was sold out the first day! I am still looking for it but I know I won't be able to pay that much for a hat... (Amy Miel bonnet, Baby The Stars Shine Bright)

5. Shoulder-cut dress
I don't like short dresses or clothes that shows too much parts of your body but I had a crush on this dress, it will be perfect this summer, on the beach! (2013 Conscious Collection, H&M)

6. Book bags
Oh my god. I dream to own a book bag for years now and I am really looking for one, whatever the brand, AATP or IW or even offbrand, I really want one ;_; I prefer darker colors such as brown, black, coffee, wine or green (Book bag, Innocent World)

7. Eiffel Tower necklace
I am collection Eiffel Tower keychains and miniatures but I don't even have jewelries! I love long necklace and I've already spotted this one for years now, the "Je t'aime" message with it is so romantic! (Je t'aime Paris necklace, MacKenziesAttic on Etsy)

8. Paris Princess Drop
I am so in love with that BTSSB series since it was released in 2008. The print of this lolita dresses, there is the Baby parisian store adress on it with the logo, poodles and Eiffel towers! This is a huge need, I couldn't afford it years ago but I am now looking for it. (Paris Princess Drop jumperskirt, Baby The Stars Shine Bright)

9. Panting prints
Juliette et Justine, a classic lolita brand is now releasing painting dresses for years now; I liked the designs but I wanted to purchase a special paiting print that means for me. I recently discovered that a painting dress featuring The Swing of Fragonard has been done by a lolita seamstress and I miss the pre-order. So please my dear lolita readers, if you see a Swing dress or skirt for sale, tell me ; ^ ; ! (The Swing jumperskirt, handmade by baroquepetrock on LiveJournal).

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