July 10, 2014

I'll be back

Salut les gens! Je ne suis pas morte, seulement overbookée et épuisée. Je sors tout juste de deux semaines intenses de préparatifs et de festivités pour le mariage de ma cousine et les soldes au travail me prennent beaucoup de temps. Je n'ai même plus le temps de bloguer ni même de temps pour moi. Je vais essayer de mettre à jour ce blog dès que je pourrais et je prépare de mon côté une tonne de posts de blogs pendant mes vacances d'été. J'essaie quand même de mettre à jour mon compte instagram, vous devriez me suivre là bas pour plus de news. Et je partage quelques photos postées là bas. Vous me manquez.

Hi folks! I'm not dead but only busy and almost dead. Exhausted. I just had two busy weeks, planning my cousin wedding and sales at work take a lot of my time I don't even have the time to blog and time for me. I will update this blog as soon as possible and prepare tonns of blog posts during my summer break. I still try to update my instagram account, you should follow me there for more updates. Here are some pics from my instagram. I miss you.

Shopping :


1. I had the chance to get the same zara yellow lace dress in a bigger size because I put on weight and don't fit into the small one anymore. // 2. Loafers found on sale for a small price, I wanted them for a long time now! // 3. Perfect miu miu inspired kitten heels from asos. // 4. Original 'love' rings found on sale at h&m.

Miscellaneous :


1. I had the chance to met Miss Pandora at my workplace, I feel so lucky! // 2. Pin Trading addiction. My second worldwide trade. // 3. My colleague just gifted me this amazing Lanvin wallet, I have no words for that. Thank you, thank you so much, you're totally crazy my dear! // 4. My sister passed her exams and got her baccalauréat, congratulations to her!

Wedding preview :


1. Outfit for my cousin's wedding at the city hall. Wore my dream dress from Red Valentino. // 2. Second wedding of my cousin, at a french castle. So beautiful. // 3. The table. So chic. // 4. With my green mint bridesmaid dress.