Tea Tasting

Mars 2015.
Opaline (Kagome) a eu la merveilleuse idée d'organiser un meeting autour d'une dégustation de thés chinois dans un salon de thé traditionnel (La Maison des Trois Thés). Nous avons eu la chance d'assister à la préparation de différents thés et de goûter à plusieurs spécialités. Ça change des meetings et autres tea parties traditionnelles et j'ai passé un excellent moment avec les filles. Après la dégustation, nous nous sommes rendues au Jardin des Plantes pour nos habituelles photos.

March 2015.
Opaline (Kagome) had the lovely idea to organize a lolita meeting in a tradition chinese tea salon (Maison des Trois Thés). We had the chance to see how chinese tea was prepared in its traditional way and we tried a few specialities. It was such a great idea and I spent a lovely moment with the girls. After the tea tasting, we ended the day at the Jardin des Plantes for some pictures.

My dear Camélia had the loveliest outfit! She was so cute! <3

I met Clarimonde for the first time, she's so young but yet so elegant!

Myriam was in gothic to change! I was more used to see her in mature and classic lolita but gothic suits her very well!

Chloé was in gothic lolita too in black and white! This was so surprising because I had only seen her in sweet coordinations by now.

I also met Ercylla, a Moi Même Moitié fan. She's so sweet and I love how simple she is. <3

Sandra is rocking shiro as always, she's so cool!

And as a contrast, Opaline was in kuro lolita, all in black! Thanks again for organizing this awesome meeting!

And finally, me! I was in old school lolita, I missed this style <3

Headbow, jumperskirt, socks : Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse : Ralph Lauren
Shoes : La Halle aux Chaussures


  1. vous etes adorables comme toujours, tes copines et toi!



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