Meeting Hanami

Starting this post with a group picture is original, isn't it?

Avril 2014.
Angélique a organisé un meeting Hanami pour pique-niquer sous les cerisiers en fleurs du Parc de Sceaux comme le veut la tradition japonaise avec pour dress-code kimonos, yukatas, wa-loli (lolita coupé avec ces styles traditionnels)... N'ayant rien de ressemblant à un kimono, j'y suis allée en full lolita rose et en fleurs, pour être assortie aux cerisiers roses. Malheureusement, ils n'étaient pas encore fleuris, grosse déception! Mais cela ne nous a pas empêché de profiter du parc et de se poser tranquillement au soleil! Merci encore à Angélique d'avoir tout organisé!

April 2014.
Angélique organized a Hanami meeting to go picnic under the cherry blossoms at the Parc de Sceaux like the japanese tradition. It had a dresscode featuring kimonos, yukatas, wa-loli (lolita mixed with those traditional styles)... Since I got nothing like this, I decided to wear a full lolita coordination in pink, with a floral print with the idea to match the cherry blossoms... Unfortunately, the cherry trees weren't in blossom yet, what a shame! Everyone was yet disappointed. But we could still enjoy the park and the sun! Lots of thanks to Angélique for organizing this meet!

I took a picture of Opaline first because she had to leave earlier. She's the master of kimonos and her wa-lolita was perfect!

Even her hairstyle was perfect!

How surprising! We met Fiona in the park, she was with her parents. Such a great hasard!

The gardens of the castle of Sceaux was the perfect location for the traditional outfit shots!

Angélique was wearing a kimono she made herself, crazy! 

Camélia Midsummer wearing The Midsummer Night's Dream. How can this be more perfect?!

Stunning Peggy in red! She is always so smily and dynamic, I love being with her!

The adorable Meleora with a western kimono, she looked great!

Léa was the only girl in a full kimono. The one she was wearing is from Baby The Stars Shine Bright and has an Alice in Wonderland print, I feel so jealouuus!

Miyu had a cute purple and pink coordi with a beautiful long kimono found in a thrift shop and she cut to make it short for this meeting. Stunning!

And then, that's me, wearing old school lolita and pink with red touches. Love this dress!

♡ headbow, blouse, jumperskirt, socks, wristcuffs : baby the stars shine bright ♡
♡ shoes : la halle aux chaussures ♡

And to finish this post of this great meeting... the traditional shoe picture!


  1. Vous avez tous de très jolies tenues !! :)

  2. Opaline is my favorite this time! Though isn't it qi-lolita? The top part looks more Chinese than Japanese to me.


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