My Lolita Wardrobe

Je vais lister ici un récapitulatif de ma garde-robe lolita sous forme de photos officielles par les marques, ce sera plus simple pour moi si j'ai besoin d'une photo sous le coude. Tous ces vêtements ne sont pas à vendre.

I am going to stock here all the official stock pictures of my lolita wardrobe, it's easier for me if I need a picture on the purpose. These clothes are not for sale.


AATP Rose Jail bonnet, babydoll jumperskirt & skirt (ivory)

BTSSB Doll Heroine bonnet & jumperskirt (pink)

AATP Victorian Cards bonnet & skirt (pink)


 Bodyline short-sleeved blouse (black) & BTSSB Sophia Sailor cutsew (white x navy)

 BTSSB Double Collar Blouse (white) & BTSSB Mary Blouse (ivory)

 Both are BTSSB Shirring Blouse (in white and pink)


 Metamorphose Musical Special Set jumperskirt (offwhite x black) & Victorian Maiden Classical Bouquet Doll dress (misty rose)

 AATP Gathered Chiffon jumperskirt (black x black) & AATP Sailor OP with ribbon tie (white x black)

 AATP Lilietta sundress (sax)

 BTSSB Elizabeth One-Piece (red) & BTSSB Dessert One-Piece (white)

 BTSSB Rose Candle jumperskirt (white) & BTSSB Music Salon jumperskirt (ivory)

Missing stock pictures:
BTSSB Angel Grosgrain jumperskirt (ivory)


AP Melody Doll skirt (black)

 BTSSB Poodle Silhouette Princess skirt (houndstood) & BTSSB Christmas Ornament skirt (black)

Missing stock pictures:
IW Toy Parade skirt (grey)
IW Apron skirt (black)


BTSSB Heart Lace Wire Headbow (white) & AATP St. Mephisto Cathedrale Headbow (ivory)

BTSSB Ribbon Drop Hairpin (silver) & BTSSB Christine Headbow (gold x clar)

BTSSB Spin Doll Headdress (red x white)

Missing stock pictures:
Metamorphose Melody Notes haircomb (black)


 BTSSB Fuffly Pannier (white) & BTSSB Cotton Lace Bloomers (white)


AP Fancy Melody socks (black x silver) & AATP Logo tights (black)

AATP Lace OTK socks (white) & AATP Marine Border with emblem OTK socks (tricolor)

BTSSB Princess Drop Embroideried high socks (in red and pink)

BTSSB Wide Lace High Socks (in white and ivory)

BTSSB Wide Lace High Socks (black x black) & BTSSB Baby Logo OTK socks (white)

Missing stock pictures:
AATP Rose Jail socks (white)


BTSSB Heart Ribbon Shoes (white)


AP Fancy Melody bag (black) & BTSSB Double Ribbon Bag (white)


AP Fancy Melody ring (black) & AP Fancy Melody broach (black)

AATP Torchon Lace Cuffs (black) & BTSSB Torchon Lace Cuffs (white)

 Missing stock pictures:
AP Fancy Melody ring (pink)
AP novelty broach (gold x pink)
BTSSB Winged Princess Drop Key Necklace (silver)
BTSSB Novala Takemoto skull ring (red)


Metamorphose Swan parasol (ivory) & BTSSB Strawberry and Cherry fan (pink)

Missing stock pictures:
AP Melody Doll parasol (black)


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